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The main aim for this Club is to keep our members up to date with information on new bottlings within the Cadenhead range. Members shall be notified at least 1 week before the general public when a new release from Cadenhead’s is about to appear.

Members will also have access to exclusive club bottlings during each year. These bottles will be available to purchase only by Club members. Please note that these Club Bottles cannot be delivered to all countries, please consult with the Club if you are arranging for delivery to an address for the first time. You will also have first access to several projects that we have been working on. For example, members will be the first to know about our our cask finish Gins, our Cognacs, our new Rums, offers from closed distillers, offers of bottles from our sister distillery companies and other secret projects.

We see the Club as a great place for us to push boundaries and offer new and exciting releases that will not be available for general release.

And remember, you can find Cadenhead’s wide range of products at our Cadenhead shops. Shops can dispatch bottles to certain given addresses however you must discuss this with the appropriate shop on a case by case basis.

We always love to meet our members and we are already looking forward to meeting you, whether that is at our Cadenhead Club tasting at the Campbeltown Malts Festival or the free Club tastings we take on the road. Your Club membership will also allow you to enjoy two free warehouse tastings a year (excluding Festival related tastings), subject to booking and availability, and we are looking into the idea of having a warehouse cask that is exclusively available to Club Members.

If you would like to join the Cadenhead Club please complete the order form and make payment on the box on the right hand side of this page – joining the Cadenhead Club has never been easier!

When you become a member we will have your membership pack sent to you at no additional charge – the pack includes a Cadenhead polo shirt, note pad, pen and membership card delivered to you in a presentation box.

Welcome to a lifetime of Cadenhead’s!


Please note: due to a number of factors there are some countries, such as the US, that we are currently unable to deliver to. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

For a full list of countries available for shipping, please click here.

If you remain unsure as to whether we can deliver to your address, please email [email protected].


Some Club Perks

Free Cadenhead Club tastings

Two free Warehouse Tastings per year - for life

Access to exclusive club bottlings

Advanced notice of bottlings before public release